Jul 052016

Today marks the availability of 11 brand new coin releases from The Perth Mint.

Eagerly anticipated, the iconic Australia Koala 2016 Gold Proof Issue comprises four stunning coins weighing 2oz, 1oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz. Extremely limited, the two larger coins are struck in remarkable high relief format.

Other famous Australian animal coins this month include a high relief version of the 2016 Australian Kangaroo made from 1oz of pure silver, and a high relief version of the 2016 Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle made from 2oz of pure gold.

Fans celebrating the 50th anniversary of sci-fi classic Star Trek will be delighted with fantastic new collectables featuring coloured representations of Kirk, Spock and Enterprise from The Original Series.

The third release from the cuddly Cubs series features the Snow Leopard, a beautiful animal superbly adapted for life in Asia’s highest mountains.

There’s also another chance to acquire an Australia Half Sovereign with the release of our second annual gold tribute to the historic 1855 Sydney-made original.



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