Nov 182016

Even though they’ve been one of our closest animal companions for thousands of years, cats have never entirely shed the impulses of their wild ancestors. Frequently aloof and self-sufficient, they’re powerless to suppress their primal instincts to hunt and kill.

And yet, in any affectionate feline encounter, who can withstand the urge to stroke a cat’s velvety fur? The desire among humans to embrace this contrary creature is virtually irresistible – especially when it’s a cute, playful little kitten!
cubs-x5coinsPortraying the offspring of a tiger, jaguar, snow leopard, white lion, and lynx, The Cubs series of coins is inspired by our deep-seated emotional response to cats and their young.

High-spirited and boisterous, the antics of these cubs are just as appealing as their domesticated cousins. But destined to be dedicated hunters in their own wild domains, each one epitomizes the untamable essence of every suburban moggy.

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