Mar 072017

Each month The Perth Mint has pleasure in offering an exclusive new range of modern numismatic coins for collectors and gift buyers.

This March we’re excited to unveil a tremendous line-up of special releases, none more so than the exceptionally limited 10th anniversary Australian Koala made from 10oz of pure silver in proof quality.

Reflecting the nation’s unwavering gratitude to the service and sacrifice of Australian men and women during World War I, this year’s gold proof ANZAC Spirit release marks the Light Horse’s heroic gallop into history at the Battle of Beersheba.

Meanwhile, in a perfect follow-up to Norse Gods, Freya is the first release in a dramatic new antiqued coin series featuring powerful interpretations of three goddesses from Norse mythology.

Together with flawless, high relief proof quality releases from our Wedge-tailed Eagle series, and another iconic release from the annual Australia Sovereign program, this month’s bulletin is one all Perth Mint collectors can relish.

Check out the electronic bulletin above to discover our complete line-up of new releases, or visit for details of one of the world’s most extensive collectable coin programs.



  6 Responses to “What’s new? Perth Mint collector coin releases for March 2017”

  1. Hi blog team,

    That 1oz Kookaburra Proof Coin and 1oz Bullion Coin set is limited to 1,000 sets. And the 2017 proof Kookaburra coin has a maximum mintage of 1,000 coins. As Perth Mint has sold a few sets here in Australia Apmex is announcing its distribution in USA:
    But they advertising that they sell all 1.000 sets exclusive. How is that possible or should the rather say “worldwide” are only 1,000 sets available.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Norbert

      There will be no more than 1,000 sets worldwide. Apmex has exclusivity in the USA, but as you know, The Perth Mint is selling a small allocation of the overall Issue Limit.

      Hope this helps

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  2. Hallo Blog Team ,

    I am a great fan of your 2 Coin Sets with 1 und 2 oz Kookaburras in Proof.
    Will you mint more than 1.000 coins of the 1oz silver 2017 Kookaburra Proofs?

    An what the hell ist going on with your dragons an phoenix coins? Some of the 50.000 peaces have mint errors: They have behind the neck of the phoenix a shiny area. Do you know, how many of these special shiny coins you have produced?

    Kind regard
    Richie Ritch

    • Hi Richie

      We can confirm that the 2017 Proof Kookaburra has a maximum mintage of 1,000, which were made exclusively for the Two-Coin Set.

      Regarding the Dragon & Phoenix, we are aware that some coins went out with a shiny area behind the neck. We cannot give you a precise number, but we believe it is a small part of the total mintage.

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  3. Hello , Blog Team

    First i must say , wonderful Proof Kookaburra set .
    Maybe i can hope in the future you make new Proofs
    I love the Proof ( 1990 – 2005 ) + 2015

    So my Question for You

    I see in (Perth Mint) Determination (No.2) 2016

    a Kookaburra Privy Shark ( i find Pre order in germany )

    and Privy Panda / Privy Ying – Yang

    So , maybe you can tell me more about the Panda / Ying Yang Privy ?
    You minted them really ?

    Kind regards


    • Hi Tom

      We can confirm that a Ying Yang privy mark coin will not be going ahead. Also, it has yet to be confirmed whether or not a Panda privy mark coin will be struck.

      Hope this helps,

      Kind regards

      Blog Team


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