Mar 302017

Each month The Perth Mint has pleasure in offering an exclusive new range of modern numismatic coins for collectors and gift buyers.

This April, iconic releases include a beautiful new Australian Stock Horse silver coin, and a special 5oz silver tribute to writer and poet Henry Lawson, born 150 years ago in 1867.

The courage and compassion displayed by Australians on the Western Front and in the Middle East during 1917 is honoured on this year’s Three-Coin 1/2oz Silver Set from our moving ANZAC Spirit 100th Anniversary Coin Series.

Meanwhile, anyone absorbed by the mythology of dragons will love the exquisite imagery and detailing on our latest ‘antiqued’ silver coin release.

Together with a spectacular new silver Kookaburra made from 1 kilo of silver, and our majestic Wedge-tailed Eagle now offered in high relief on 2oz of gold, this month’s new coins underline The Perth Mint’s reputation for one of the most successful collector coin programs in the world.

Check out the electronic bulletin above to discover this month’s complete line-up of new releases. To order, please visit, call 1800 098 817 / +61 8 9421 7218, or visit The Perth Mint Shop, 310 Hay Street in East Perth.



  4 Responses to “What’s new? Perth Mint collector coin releases for April 2017”

  1. Hi Blog Team

    That coin show special a Lunar II Rooster quarter ounce coin coloured from Melbourne Stamp and Coin Show is on the monthly issuu flyer but if I click on the link only an error is appearing. It does not direct to the relevant shop site.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Norbert

      Although the coin is for sale at the show, it is embargoed until Monday for general sales. As the bulletin is slightly early this month, we have an unavoidable lag in its web availability. In short, the link will work on Monday 🙂

      Kind regards

      Blog Team

  2. Hallo Blog Team,

    your 1oz Silverswan is very special !

    You will mint only 25.000 peaces of the bullions?

    Are you going for a new series in these “swans” ?

    Some german sellers like “münzdachs” offer these coins allready for 45 Euros. I think: that ist outstanding. Maybe I will order direkt on your shop.

    King Regards
    Ritchie Ritch

    • Hi Ritchie

      Thank you for your enquiry. The total mintage is confirmed at 25,000 for the new Australian Silver Swan. Going forward, there will be future releases but just yet we cannot make any further comment as precise details have not yet been confirmed. In Germany it is best for you to buy from a local dealer as only people in Australia and the surrounding region can register to trade on our bullion site.

      Hope this helps


      Blog Team


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