Nov 272017

Certain German shepherds are born with a blue tinge in their coats. As puppies, German shepherds with this colour variation can also have blue eyes.

The new Gemstone Edition from the 2018 Australian Lunar Series celebrates the Year of the Dog with an image of a German shepherd featuring a beautiful blue sapphire in its right eye.

Sapphires have mystical associations with truth, sincerity and faithfulness – the latter a strong trait of German shepherds which are well known for their loyalty and obedience. It’s also been claimed sapphires have strong healing powers, especially for sore eyes!

Probably best known as September’s birthstone and a 45th wedding anniversary gift, the sapphire is one of a trio of well-known precious gemstones including ruby and emerald that feature in sought after jewellery. Sapphire is also the second hardest natural gemstone to diamond.

2018 Year of the Dog Kilo Silver Gemstone Edition

This spectacular release features a sparkling finishing touch in the shape of a handset blue sapphire. Limited to maximum mintage of only 500, the coin is a remarkable keepsake for any German Shepherd owner and all those born in the Year of the Dog.



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