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The Roman army was fierce, ruthless and deadly. Extremely disciplined, highly trained and heavily armed, it successfully conquered territories throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The largest unit of the Roman army, a legion comprised several thousand professional heavy infantrymen known as legionaries. Flanked by cavalry, members lined up for battle in tight formation before marching steadily but relentlessly towards their enemy. As part of a highly coordinated attack plan, leading soldiers launched javelins at their foes in advance of the sword-bearing legionaries who then charged into hand-to-hand combat.

Warfare – Roman Legion
2018 2oz Silver High Relief Antiqued Coin

A fearsome Roman onslaught has been imagined by Perth Mint graphic artist Lucas Bowers for the first release in a spectacular new three-coin series featuring famous warriors. Struck from 2oz of 99.99% pure silver in high relief, the coin’s reverse portrays a Roman legion overwhelming enemy fighters with crushing force during Rome’s campaign against Gallic tribes between 58 and 50 BC.

Just 2,000 of these coins will be issued. Individually ‘antiqued’, each coin has a unique finish conveying the surface abrasions of an ancient artefact.

Wide screen panorama for 3D viewing

The coin’s reverse is part of a larger, coloured panoramic illustration of the battle scene which can be explored on your smart phone with a 3D viewer. Supplied with the first coin in the series only, the viewer can also be used to experience panoramas featuring Vikings and Napoleonic-era cavalrymen – famous warriors explored on subsequent issues in the series.



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  1. That is one beastly looking coin I like it.


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