Feb 062018

About 12 million weddings are registered annually in China with many more taking place among the Chinese diaspora – estimated at 50 million people worldwide.

Although Western-style ceremonies are an increasingly common choice, many couples opt for more traditional Chinese marriages which take heed of ancient practices and Confucian philosophy.

Some Chinese weddings combine elements of both customs – reflected by the bride who changes from a white gown to a traditional red coloured ‘qipao’ during the celebrations.

Whatever their preference, however, Chinese and other people of East Asian origin value the symbolic significance of Mandarin ducks at the time of their nuptials.

Said to be the most beautiful ducks in the world, Mandarin ducks have special significance for couples marrying in the East.

Referred to as yuanyang, a term embodying both male and female of the species, Mandarin ducks live together harmoniously, remaining faithful for life. Should one outlive the other, the surviving duck is said to be unable to live alone.

As a result, these magnificently coloured birds have long been regarded as symbols of fidelity, affection and enduring love, making them highly desirable gifts among newlyweds in the shape of carved figurines and jewellery.

Chinese Wedding
2018 1oz Silver Proof Coin

Struck from 99.99% pure silver, our rectangle-shaped Chinese Wedding coin honours the high regard in which Mandarin ducks are held, providing a unique memento that all couples getting married would be delighted to receive.

Incorporating the Chinese character for double happiness, the coin’s design also features lotus flowers, lucky symbols often associated with the prospect of children.

Making this doubly meaningful, the coin is housed in a decorative red packet, a customary Chinese means of gifting money at auspicious times of the year.



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