Sep 052017

September is a bonanza for collectors of stunning commemorative issues from The Perth Mint.

Canine lovers will be exultant that the Year of the Dog is approaching and will want to get in quick to secure stunning proof issues from the 2018 Australian Lunar series. Depicting two of the world’s favourite breeds – the labrador retriever and German shepherd – these meticulously struck gold and silver coins look certain to be lapped up!

HM Queen Elizabeth II’s remarkable life reaches another major milestone later this year. On 20 November she and the Duke of Edinburgh will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary. As a tribute to this magnificent achievement, we’re honoured to have been granted royal permission to issue four special commemoratives. Crafted from three noble metals – gold, silver and platinum – the coins are presented by The Perth Mint with genuine warmth and affection for Her Majesty and Prince Philip.

If you are already longing for the cheerfulness of the festive season, look no further than this year’s Christmas silver coin. With an image radiating the joyous promise of yuletide celebration, the star shaped release portrays the beckoning warmth of a log cabin in snow. A gorgeous gift and a delightful tree decoration, it beams with season’s greetings!

Our minters’ supreme skills in the art of high relief strikes is again exemplified in the new Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle 5oz gold proof coin and Australian Kangaroo 5oz silver proof coin. These miniature works of iconic art are as rare as they are special – just 75 and 1,000 apiece will be struck.

For more information about each of this month’s new coins, including a stunning Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™ coloured collectable, click the digital bulletin above or visit Recent Releases on The Perth Mint website.


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Jul 042017

Lighting the way this month is the vivid Diwali Festival coin from July’s new release bulletin.

Celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and some Buddhists the world over, Diwali is an ancient five day ‘festival of lights’ and is considered one of the happiest holidays in India and Nepal.

The colourful Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, health, fortune and prosperity is superbly depicted on this 1oz coin struck from 99.99% pure silver.

For the many fans of Australian coins, July welcomes the 2017 Australian Koala Gold Coin series, featuring a new design across four 99.99% pure gold coins.

Celebrating Australia’s most beloved marsupial, each coin features an iconic koala resting on the soft grass beneath a eucalyptus tree.

Each stunning coin is issued with a limited mintage and is presented in luxurious timber packaging.

For the collector of all things Ghostbusters™, the second of three tribute coins features Slimer the gluttonous ghoul who leaves a ghastly green slime in his wake. As the very first ghost captured by the Ghostbusters team, the “ugly little spud” became an icon of the 1984 hit movie franchise.

We’re also pleased to announce the release of the 2017 Australia Half Sovereign.

Inspired by the Sydney Mint’s original half sovereign, struck from 22 carat gold, this modern tribute reflects the traditional purity of all sovereign coins since 1817.

Issued as Australian legal tender, this stunning half sovereign is beautifully presented in a wooden case, with a mintage of 1,000.

Click on the electronic bulletin above to discover this month’s complete line up of new releases or visit Recent Releases on The Perth Mint website.


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Jul 032017

The following collector coin releases are now sold out at The Perth Mint.

Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle
2017 1oz Gold High Relief Coin
Maximum mintage: 500
Henry Lawson 150th Anniversary
2017 5oz Silver Proof Coin
Maximum Mintage: 250
Australian Stock Horse
2017 5oz Silver Gilded Edition
Maximum Mintage: 500
Australian Opal Lunar Series – Year of the Rooster
2017 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Maximum mintage: 5,000
Star Trek: The Original Series
2016 1oz Silver Delta Coin
Maximum mintage: 5,000









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Jun 072017

An essential aim for any proud organisation is to test its skills with the aim of surpassing all previous efforts. The Perth Mint has continuously challenged itself in order to extend its capabilities beyond the conventional. From a pioneering role in ‘colourisation’ and ‘gilding’ techniques, to casting our world record breaking One Tonne Gold Coin, we’ve never shied away from pushing the boundaries.

Recently, we created an innovative and prestigious range of iconic Australian coins combining pure precious metals with exceptionally rare pink diamonds from Western Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mine. Now, we’ve taken this stunning blend of natural treasures to a new level with the unveiling of The Australian Trilogy, possibly the most magnificent Australian Three-Coin Set ever created.

A never-to-be-repeated release with an official limited mintage of just one, the Trilogy combines three 2017 coins from our iconic Australian animal series. At one kilo apiece, the impressive releases are all large enough to fill the palm of your hand.

In the pursuit of perfection, up to 30 examples of each coin were struck before a process of scrupulous inspection and rejection resulted in three supreme choices (and the melting pot for those discarded).

With immaculate clarity and crispness, their appearance is instantly arresting. There’s a surprise, too – unprecedented combinations of metal and design mean the Australian Kookaburra is made from 9999 gold; the Australian Kangaroo from 9995 platinum; and the Australian Koala from a delightful shade of 22 carat rose gold.

Each masterpiece attains the truly spectacular with the inclusion of a carefully selected fancy coloured diamond within the design. Breathtakingly beautiful, these marvels of nature are so incredibly uncommon that less than a fistful see the light of day each year. The most valuable and sought after diamonds in the world, they’re exquisitely honed by the world’s most acclaimed cutters and polishers.

Respectively, Trilogy coins feature a round brilliant cut 0.47 carat Fancy Deep Purple-Pink; an emerald cut 0.46 carat Fancy Dark Gray-Violet; and an emerald cut 0.58 carat Fancy Intense Pink.

Even with the Mint’s extensive expertise, setting the stones was cause for significant nervousness. With much time and effort dedicated to producing coins with the highest quality finishes, it was alarming to think that one slip of a beading tool the whole project would be compromised.

The finest diamond setter, specially flown to Perth from Singapore, was entrusted to handset the fabulous gems. A collective intake of breath followed by an anxious wait was richly rewarded, however, when our expert craftsman completed the demanding procedure with immaculate precision.

The vision for The Australian Trilogy was the ultimate set of pink diamond adorned coins yet created. A shining example of what is achievable when creative, artistic and artisanal skills are united in the pursuit of perfection, we believe that as an unquestionable highlight of Australian precious collectables it has raised the bar once more.

With a recommended retail price of AUD 1.8 million, The Australian Trilogy can be viewed at The Perth Mint throughout June. Buyers are invited to contact Shop staff or call (+61 8) 9421 7376 for further information.


Jun 062017

They’re so rare that only a few are produced annually. In fact an entire year’s production will fit into the palm of your hand!

So it’s little wonder that through history pink diamonds have been some of the world’s most sought-after gems. From the Agra diamond worn by 16th and 17th century Mughal emperors, to modern-day legends like the Graff Pink, their extreme rarity and regal beauty have made them the most valuable diamonds on the market.

Why they exude pink hues has long been shrouded in mystery. Today, it is believed that tiny foreign particles may have been trapped alongside carbon atoms during the crystallisation process in which diamonds are formed. Somehow this combination affects their photochromic behaviour, causing these special diamonds to radiate a spectrum of pink colours from cherry blossom to dramatic red.

The enigmatic story of their creation undoubtedly adds further aura to the allure of these enthralling natural wonders. But no less remarkable is the account of their commercial discovery in Western Australia’s Kimberley wilderness. Uncovered by ants, pink diamonds were first spotted glinting at the entrance to a colony’s nest in mid-1980s. The initial find provided just a hint of the treasure waiting to be unearthed from what was to become the world-renowned Argyle Diamond Mine.

Responsible for more than 90 per cent of the world’s pink diamond supply in recent decades, production in the rugged Australian outback is currently tailing off as the deposit “pipe” gets narrower and deeper. As the already miniscule supply shrinks further, one thing is certain – the number of opportunities to acquire and treasure these precious stones is becoming beyond rare!

Australian Kangaroo 2017 2oz Gold Proof Pink Diamond Edition

Extracted from Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine, a 0.037carat round brilliant pink diamond appears below the animal’s paw on the reverse of this exclusive Australian Kangaroo coin. Exquisitely struck from 2oz of 99.99% pure gold in proof quality, the remarkable release marries Australia’s most alluring precious metal, one of its best known coin designs, and a stunning example of its most desirable diamonds.

Just 300 coins have been meticulously struck and skilfully handset with a pink diamond to offer discerning buyers a timeless and sumptuous collectable.







Jun 062017

Special editions of the Australia Kangaroo dominate May’s new release bulletin.

Stuart Devlin’s classic image of the iconic marsupial now appears on a remarkable kilo coin beautifully struck from 99.99% pure silver in proof quality.

The iconic design is also featured on an exclusive 2oz gold proof release incorporating an exceptionally rare pink diamond from Western Australia’s Kimberley.

Collector delights, each magnificent coin has a limited mintage of just 300.

Kangaroo collectors are also invited to appraise a new 1oz silver proof high relief coin featuring an intricately detailed portrayal of the famous animal bounding across an outback plain.

There are similar new treats for fans of the Australian Koala with the release of two superb new issues. Our latest kilo silver proof coin and 5oz silver proof high relief coin also feature very limited mintages.

Meanwhile, this month sees two follow up releases to the recent Australian Stock Horse silver coin. Australia’s favourite steed is seen grazing on a new 5oz gold proof coin, while an amazing 5oz silver gilded edition incorporates all five of the Stock Horse designs seen since the introduction of this sell out series.

The wonderful Norse Goddesses series of high relief antiqued silver coins now turns its attention to Frigg, goddess of love, marriage, and destiny. (Hurry to secure yours because its predecessor Freya is already sold out!).

We’re also pleased to include in May’s bulletin a tribute to the 1984 supernatural comedy hit Ghostbusters™. A certain ‘must have’ for many collectors of movie memorabilia, the silver coin portrays the film’s three ghost busting heroes and its unforgettable ‘no ghosts’ symbol.

Click on the electronic bulletin above to discover this month’s complete line-up of new releases or visit Recent Releases on The Perth Mint web page.


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