Aug 022016

According to ancient Norse mythology, Loki was the god of fire, and a cunning shape shifter who appeared in the form of a seal, a salmon, a mare, and a fly, among others.

The son of the giant Farbauti and the goddess Laufey, Loki was the father of Hel, the goddess of death; Jormungand, the giant serpent; Fenrir, the wolf; and Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse that he gave to Odin.

Loki had both a positive and a negative relationship with the other gods. He was a companion of Odin and Thor, but he helped the giants, their adversaries, when it was more advantageous to him. A trickster who could be malicious and mischievous at times, Loki was often portrayed as a demon with no real loyalties due to his contradictory personality.


Ultimately, Loki faced punishment for his offences against the gods. He was bound to a rock by the entrails of another of his sons, while a venom dripping serpent was positioned above him. Loki’s wife, Sigyn, collected the venom in a bowl, but whenever she emptied it the continuing drips caused Loki to writhe in pain, creating earthquakes.

2016 Norse Gods – Loki 2oz Silver High Relief Antiqued Coin

The reverse of the coin depicts Loki wearing a cloak which is turning to smoke at the edges. He is accompanied by the serpent Jormungand and the wolf Fenrir. The design also includes three masks symbolising the many forms Loki took on as a shape shifter.

The final release from the popular Norse Gods series, this coin is struck from 2oz of 99.9% pure silver with a high relief, antiqued finish. Like the previous Odin and Thor coins, just 2,000 Loki coin will be released.


Aug 022016

Australian Koalas come in many sizes. This month we’ve released a 1oz high relief version in silver and a 5oz version in gold – lovely tributes to one of Australia’s favourite marsupials.

Maybe your preference is the Australian Kangaroo? As well as a stunning 1oz high relief gold coin, this month also sees the release of a specially gilded collectors version of our ultra-popular 1oz silver bullion coin.

Joining the flock of Wedge-tailed Eagle coins currently on offer, we’re pleased to announce a new 1oz silver proof version portraying this enormous bird of prey.

August sees the conclusion of the outstandingly popular Norse Gods coin series. Loki, the god of fire, is the must-have final release for those who were lucky enough to secure the extremely limited Odin and Thor coins!

The high reliefs keep coming with three brand new Star Trek releases paying tribute to Captain James T. Kirk’s illustrious U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701.

And this month presents another treat for Disney fans with coins dedicated to Pocahontas and Frozen.


Jul 202016

Born in the mountains of Central Asia, Snow Leopards have been observed living as high as 5,500 metres. A separate species to the Asian/African Leopard, they are superbly adapted for their bitterly cold habitat.

Blind and helpless at birth, life begins for the Snow Leopard cub in a rocky den, carefully lined with fur by its mother. Protected and nurtured through the early part of its life, the young cat is equipped to fend for itself before turning two.

For vital protection against the harsh elements, the Snow Leopard relies on its long hair which has a dense undercoat that thickens even more during the autumn and winter. White with a unique pattern of dark rosettes and spots, the fur also provides perfect camouflage as the animal stalks its prey on the icy mountainside.


The Snow Leopard’s short, stocky body and small, rounded ears are both helpful in minimizing heat-loss. Paradoxically, it has two ‘over-sized’ features that are just as useful.

Like a pair of snowshoes, its extra-large paws help prevent the cat from sinking into soft snow. And an enormous tail, every bit as long as its body, acts like a woolly scarf in which to curl up at night!

The Cubs Silver Proof Coin Series

Following the delightful Tiger and Jaguar releases, the third coin from The Cubs 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin Series features a stunning portrayal of young Snow Leopards.

Like other coins in the program, including the forthcoming White Lion and Lynx releases, no more than 5,000 of these coins will be released in illustrated presentation packaging.


Jul 192016

Following the launch of the world exclusive Kimberley Treasure coin, The Perth Mint has sold the spectacular masterpiece to an international buyer within just 48 hours of its release.

Crafted from one kilogram of 99.99% pure gold and featuring a radiant 0.54 carat red diamond from the famed Argyle Diamond Mine in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia, the Kimberley Treasure coin is a one-of-a-kind collector’s item and valuable investment.


The new owner of the coveted piece is Ashish Vijay Jain, Chairman of Tiara Gems and Jewellery DMCC, a company which specialises in rare coloured diamonds, unique collectables and heirloom pieces of fine jewellery.

“With an appreciation for Western Australia and its rare treasures, we are honoured to bring this prestigious collectable to Dubai, the luxury hub of the Middle East,” said Mr Jain. “At Tiara Gems we believe in the collection of extravagant items and endeavour to acquire many rare and exclusive pieces from around the world, such as the Kimberley Treasure coin.”

Perth Mint Chief Executive Officer, Richard Hayes, said he was delighted that the Kimberley Treasure coin had attracted so much interest from collectors and investors, with several interested parties vying for the privilege to own such as unique treasure. “This is a testament to the coin’s status as an object of desire and it has certainly found an ideal home in Dubai,” he added.

The Kimberley Treasure coin will be on display in The Perth Mint Shop, 310 Hay Street, East Perth, until Sunday 14 August.


Jul 152016

One of the curious things about koalas is the fact that they hug trees. After observing a group of koalas during hot weather, scientists say they have worked out why. Apparently, trunks of certain trees can be more than 5°C cooler than the surrounding air in extreme conditions. Incredibly, access to these trees can save about half the water a koala would need to keep cool on a hot day.


This year’s Proof Issue from the Australian Koala gold proof coin series portrays a koala edging along a tree branch – maybe in search of a cool spot where it can take refuge from Australia’s intense summer sun!

Extremely Limited

The 2016 series includes 2oz and 1oz coins struck in superb high relief to extremely limited mintages of 150 and 500 respectively. The series also includes rare 1/4oz and 1/10oz versions, meticulously-crafted with the same koala design.

For more details about these and other cool Koala collectables, click here.


Jul 122016

The world’s first coin featuring a significant red diamond from Rio Tinto’s iconic Argyle Pink Diamond Mine was unveiled at The Perth Mint today.

Crafted from 1 kilo of 99.99% pure gold, the one-of-a-kind Kimberley Treasure coin features a bounding ‘red kangaroo’ and a radiant 0.54 carat red diamond. Selected for the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender, the most exclusive diamond sale in the world, the specially cut gemstone is hand set between the animal’s front paws.

Officiating at the launch of the unique offering, the Premier of Western Australia, the Honourable Colin Barnett MLA, said that its creation was a great example of two local companies sharing a passion for quality craftsmanship and the State’s rarest and most valuable resources.


“The Perth Mint and Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine have both been at the hub of Western Australian industry for decades, so I am delighted to unveil a collector’s item which captures two of the most beautiful natural treasures of our State,” said Premier Barnett.

Valued at $1 million, the Australian legal tender Kimberley Treasure is the most breathtaking collaboration between the two organisations yet. Previous releases include a number of diamond-studded ingots and coins portraying symbolic representations of the Kimberley landscape.

The magnificent new coin is on display in The Perth Mint’s retail shop on Hay Street until late August. Persons interested in purchasing The Kimberley Treasure can acquire further details by calling +61 8 9421 7376.