Jul 282011

In less than a month, our Ginger Meggs silver proof commemorative is sold out – making it one of our fastest ever selling releases!

2011 90th Anniversary of Ginger Meggs
Full mintage: 3,000 sold out


2011 Australian Bush Babies – Koala, 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin
Full mintage: 10,000 sold out


2011 Australian Koala 5oz Silver Proof Coin
Full Mintage: 5,000 sold out


Near Sell Out: Today there are less than 300 of each 2011 Transformers coins available from The Perth Mint.

Jul 132011

Ginger Meggs cartoonist Jason Chatfield celebrated the launch of our “>2011 Ginger Meggs 90th Anniversary silver coin at the recent ANDA Melbourne Coin Show. While Jason signed copies of the coin Certificate, the Mint’s Tracey, Amanda and Irina were busy selling the new release to dozens of eager collectors.

If you have purchased the new coin and would like Jason to sign the Certificate, he’d be happy to hear from you via the Ginger Meggs website.

Jul 012011

Australia’s longest running comic strip was created by Jimmy Bancks and named for its main character, Ginger Meggs. An independent and mischievous lad with a healthy disrespect for authority, he embodies the qualities of the quintessential Aussie larrikin.

90 years young: Ginger Meggs is celebrated on a new silver proof commemorative issued by The Perth Mint. Click image for full details.

Ginger was introduced in the Sydney Sunday Sun newspaper comic strip called Us Fellers on the 13 November 1921. The name Ginger was selected because of the limitations in the three-colour printing process – blue, red or yellow – red being the only choice of hair colour.

One of many characters in the first episode, Ginger soon emerged as the star character under Bancks’ scriptwriting. He acquired a dog, Mike, and a younger brother, called Dudley. Bancks developed a best mate, Benny, a girlfriend, Minnie Peters, and a rival for her affections in Eddie Coogan. The cast also included Ginger’s fighting foe, Tiger Kelly.

The first Sunbeams Annual, which appeared in 1924, featured ‘More Adventures of Ginger Meggs’. The annuals were on every Australian child’s wish-list and would continue to be massively popular for 35 years.

When Bancks died in July 1952, cartoonist Ron Vivian took up the Meggs’ mantle, drawing the strip until his death in 1973. Lloyd Piper followed, creating further adventures until his passing in 1984. Many noted artists submitted work for the vacant post as a Meggs’ cartoonist. James Kemsley inherited the role and continued the legacy until his death in 2007.

Just before he died, Kemsley wrote to the Bancks family to secure approval for Jason Chatfield to succeed him. Born in Perth, Chatfield was the youngest cartoonist and writer to take on the iconic Ginger Meggs strip, which today appears in over 120 papers in 34 countries worldwide.

Five ages of Ginger Meggs: Bancks, Vivian, Piper, Kemsley and Chatfield.

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Jun 272011

Jason Chatfield is our special guest at the ANDA Melbourne Coin, Banknote and Stamp Show.

Jason is the fifth cartoonist to write and draw Australia’s longest running comic strip Ginger Meggs, which first appeared in 1921.

Ginger Meggs cartoonist Jason Chatfield.

Jason has kindly offered to sign Certificates for our special Ginger Meggs 90th Anniversary silver proof coin, which is being launched at the Show.

The ANDA Melbourne Coin Show takes place on Saturday 2 July and Sunday 3 July 2011 at Caulfield Racecourse, Concourse Ground Level, Melbourne.

Please be at The Perth Mint stand between 10:30am and 12:00pm on either day to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to meet Jason.

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