Jun 052014

Jun 032014

Transformer4_LOGOTo mark the release of TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, we’re delighted to have been authorised by Hasbro to release three official commemorative coins featuring the leading characters of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Lockdown. The coins incorporate lenticular lenses to spectacular effect as the characters transform from their robot mode into vehicle mode.


Optimus Prime Transformers coinOptimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots, a brave and compassionate commander determined to improve the universe. In TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION this fearless leader is depicted as a Western Star truck on transformation. Optimus Prime finds himself constantly in battle with the Decepticons in his quest to protect the inhabitants of Earth, and the universe at large.




Bumble Bee Transformers  coinBumblebee was the second character to ever appear on-screen in the original TRANSFORMERS animated series when it debuted in 1984. Back then, Bumblebee transformed into a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Thirty years on, fan favourite Bumblebee is back for the fourth instalment of the popular TRANSFORMERS movie franchise, where he is depicted as a yellow Chevrolet Camaro on transformation.



Lock Down Transformers coin

Lockdown is a rogue Decepticon, now a ruthless bounty hunter who will stop at nothing to bring his bounty in. Driven by the thrill of the chase, he lives by the motto “Run all you want. It’ll make the chase more fun”. Back with a vengeance in TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, Lockdown is depicted as a super sports car on transformation.



Collect All Three Coins

Struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver, each TRANSFORMERS lenticular coin is housed in an innovative cube-shaped presentation case which, with the press of a button, flips the lid open revealing the coin surrounded by light. This presentation box comes in a spectacularly illustrated shipper, accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Transformers movie coinsORDER NOW

No more than 5,000 of each of these coins will be released.



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Nov 102011

Here are he latest issues sold out at The Perth Mint.

2012 Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon Individual Silver Proof Coins
Full mintage: 1oz – 5,000 sold out, 1kg – 500 sold out


2012 Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon Silver Proof Three-Coin Set
Full mintage: 1,000 sold out


2012 Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon Silver Proof Typeset
Full mintage: 1,500 sold out


2011 ANA Chicago Coin Show Special – Little Aussies
Full mintage: 2,000 sold out


2011 Bumblebee 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Full mintage: 5,000 sold out


The following releases are now close to sell out at the Mint:

Jul 282011

In less than a month, our Ginger Meggs silver proof commemorative is sold out – making it one of our fastest ever selling releases!

2011 90th Anniversary of Ginger Meggs
Full mintage: 3,000 sold out


2011 Australian Bush Babies – Koala, 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin
Full mintage: 10,000 sold out


2011 Australian Koala 5oz Silver Proof Coin
Full Mintage: 5,000 sold out


Near Sell Out: Today there are less than 300 of each 2011 Transformers coins available from The Perth Mint.

Jun 242011

The popularity of coloured coins is reflected in the commemorative silver line-up offered by The Perth Mint. So how is the colourisation of precious metal coins achieved?

The Mint uses a specially adapted pad-printing technique. It begins with the preparation of four printing plates, known as clichés, each one etched with different elements of the coin design as a series of tiny depressions.

Cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink, the base colours from which all others are produced, are mixed and applied to the etched surfaces of the clichés.

Silicone pads are lowered onto the clichés to absorb the ink. Then, in a carefully sequenced process, the pads deposit the ink on the face of a coin in successive layers until the image is complete.


Colouring coins at The Perth Mint

Special inks are required for optimal quality. As only very small quantities of ink are transferred during the pad-printing process, the pigmentation must be highly concentrated. The Perth Mint mixes its ink with hardener, which cures to leave an exceptionally durable finish, resistant to fading, as well as solvent and chemical attack.

Colour adds vibrancy, realism and appeal – the results are often quite spectacular.

Jun 222011

You’ve got 25 words or less for your chance to win great Transformers prizes (including Perth Mint Transformers coins) care of JayJays!

Enter the competition at: www.jayjays.com.au/competitions
Competition Ends 3/7/2011

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