Nov 102011

Here are he latest issues sold out at The Perth Mint.

2012 Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon Individual Silver Proof Coins
Full mintage: 1oz – 5,000 sold out, 1kg – 500 sold out


2012 Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon Silver Proof Three-Coin Set
Full mintage: 1,000 sold out


2012 Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon Silver Proof Typeset
Full mintage: 1,500 sold out


2011 ANA Chicago Coin Show Special – Little Aussies
Full mintage: 2,000 sold out


2011 Bumblebee 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Full mintage: 5,000 sold out


The following releases are now close to sell out at the Mint:

Jul 282011

In less than a month, our Ginger Meggs silver proof commemorative is sold out – making it one of our fastest ever selling releases!

2011 90th Anniversary of Ginger Meggs
Full mintage: 3,000 sold out


2011 Australian Bush Babies – Koala, 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin
Full mintage: 10,000 sold out


2011 Australian Koala 5oz Silver Proof Coin
Full Mintage: 5,000 sold out


Near Sell Out: Today there are less than 300 of each 2011 Transformers coins available from The Perth Mint.

Jun 242011

The popularity of coloured coins is reflected in the commemorative silver line-up offered by The Perth Mint. So how is the colourisation of precious metal coins achieved?

The Mint uses a specially adapted pad-printing technique. It begins with the preparation of four printing plates, known as clichés, each one etched with different elements of the coin design as a series of tiny depressions.

Cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink, the base colours from which all others are produced, are mixed and applied to the etched surfaces of the clichés.

In the accompanying video you can see how silicone pads are lowered onto the clichés to absorb the ink. Then, in a carefully sequenced process, the pads deposit the ink on the face of a coin in successive layers until the image is complete.

Watch the pad-printing of Megatron, one of three 2011 Transformers 1oz silver proof coins:

Special inks are required for optimal quality. As only very small quantities of ink are transferred during the pad-printing process, the pigmentation must be highly concentrated. The Perth Mint mixes its ink with hardener, which cures to leave an exceptionally durable finish, resistant to fading, as well as solvent and chemical attack.

Colour adds vibrancy, realism and appeal – the results are often quite spectacular.

Jun 202011

The Perth Mint is donating a Transformers Trio Set to be auctioned at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo Charity Auction in Perth this weekend.

Fans of the series will have the chance to take home the unique piece of memorabilia while raising money for charity.

MC of the Charity Auction will be Neil Kaplan, voice of Optimus Prime in the Transformers: Robots in Disguise TV series.

The Supanova Pop Culture Expo will be held at Claremont Showgrounds from June 24 to 26. For more information, visit

Neil Kaplan, voice of Optimus Prime, is looking forward to signing autographs and daily Q&As at the Expo.

Jun 072011

Here’s a list of our new coin releases for the month of June. Read more in our new Bulletin, or visit the Recent Releases webpage.

  • Australian Sea Life II – Hawksbill Turtle
    2011 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin
  • Australian Koala Gold Coin Series
    2011 Proof Issue
  • Australian Koala Silver Coin Series
    2011 5oz Silver Proof Coin
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon
    2011 1oz Silver Proof Coins
  • Deadly and Dangerous – Australia’s Box Jellyfish
    2011 1oz Silver Proof Coin
  • Wallabies – Men of Gold
    1oz Silver Proof Coin
  • Centenary of RMC Duntroon 1911
    2011 – Stamp and Coin Cover