Feb 092017

Building on the excitement created by last year’s 2oz Silver High Relief Antiqued Kangaroo Coin, this year’s release, which features a koala, is even more spectacular in terms of superbly  detailed design.

The stunning coin portrays a slumbering koala lying on a tree branch. The iconic Australian native’s habitat high up in the forest is exquisitely represented in a dense display of eucalyptus leaves and floral motifs.

The coin plaster


As part of the traditional minting methods used in the production of this coin, the design was painstakingly sculpted in 3D. From this oversized plaster model, a hardened mould was taken as part of a process that saw the relief reproduced in steel via a reduction machine, and ultimately into a high relief coin die. As can be seen from the result, the coin sculptor must demonstrate an amazing eye for detail and superb skills to accurately interpret the original artist’s drawing.

The finished coin

Just 3,000 of these amazing Australian Koala 2017 2oz Silver High Relief Antiqued Coins will be released. The obverse and reverse of each coin are both ‘antiqued’ – a hand-applied finish that adds deep tone with a unique grained effect for an aged appearance.

Collectors will receive the coin in a classic grey display case within a stylised shipper, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.















Nov 182016

Even though they’ve been one of our closest animal companions for thousands of years, cats have never entirely shed the impulses of their wild ancestors. Frequently aloof and self-sufficient, they’re powerless to suppress their primal instincts to hunt and kill.

And yet, in any affectionate feline encounter, who can withstand the urge to stroke a cat’s velvety fur? The desire among humans to embrace this contrary creature is virtually irresistible – especially when it’s a cute, playful little kitten!
cubs-x5coinsPortraying the offspring of a tiger, jaguar, snow leopard, white lion, and lynx, The Cubs series of coins is inspired by our deep-seated emotional response to cats and their young.

High-spirited and boisterous, the antics of these cubs are just as appealing as their domesticated cousins. But destined to be dedicated hunters in their own wild domains, each one epitomizes the untamable essence of every suburban moggy.

All five Cubs coins available now! Click here for full details.


Oct 092015

It was during our first visit to Australia back in the 90s that we travelled to Cairns in Tropical North Queensland. The hotel location provided easy access to Mount Whitefield Regional Park and its walking tracks through the rainforest. As visitors from overseas we were particularly intrigued by a sign indicating the area was home to Southern Cassowaries, and eager to experience unique Aussie wildlife, set off in determined mood to see the mystery bird.

Sweating all day in the oppressive heat (later described as “unusually cool” for the time of year), we covered many kilometres in search of the apparently aloof creature. Despite being stopped in our tracks by a giant lizard, we headed home disappointed that our much anticipated meeting had failed to materialise.


What had we been thinking!! That night, over a well-deserved ice-cold beer (or two), we read hair-raising tales about the dangers of spooking a Cassowary. According to the info at hand, a bird that feels threatened may defend itself by charging and kicking with dagger-like claws, literally opening us up to the possibility of disembowelment!

(If you ever get yourself into a face-off with an irritable Cassowary, the literature advised holding a backpack between your torso and the bird while slowly backing away).

Having subsequently witnessed a Southern Cassowary at the zoo, this is a truly striking animal. Related to other flightless birds like the emu, ostrich and kiwi, it can tower up to two metres tall and weigh as much as 70kg – making it Australia’s heaviest bird. Possessing a vivid blue head, drooping red wattles and a ‘casque’, or horn-like structure on top of its head, the species’ extraordinary appearance is strongly suggestive of its dinosaur ancestry.

Unfortunately, the Southern Cassowary is now in serious difficulty. Degradation and fragmentation of its habitat as well as vehicle strikes and dog attacks mean that it’s a threatened species at State and Federal levels, and also listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. What many probably don’t realise is that Queensland numbers have fallen to only two or three thousand.

Endangered and Extinct – Southern Cassowary 2016 1oz Silver Proof Coin

That memorable day in the tropical rainforest makes this new release from the Endangered and Extinct Series one of significant personal interest. Depicting a vivid portrait of a Southern Cassowary with a chick, its low mintage of just 5,000 means more of these coins exist than there are birds in the wild – alarming!

Looking back, it’s a relief our paths never crossed. Today it seems more appropriate to appreciate Australia’s rare Southern Cassowary through the medium of this stunning silver coin.


Endangered and Extinct – Southern Cassowary 2016 1oz Silver Proof Coin

written by Stephen Ward


Sep 012015

Platypus_anagramThe platypus is one of Australia’s most curious and fascinating native animals. This small, amphibious mammal has a tail like a beaver, a body like an otter, a beak like a duck, and it lays eggs like a reptile!

Solve this month’s anagram for your chance to win this stunning Discover Australia – Platypus 2013 1oz Silver Proof Coin.

Clue: Platypus capital of the world


How to enter: Email your answer to anagram@perthmint.com.au marking your reply ‘September 2015 Anagram Competition’ in the subject line. Please include your name, address and telephone number. Entries close on 1 October 2015. Eligible entrants will be included in the free draw and the winner will be notified by telephone or email. Terms and conditions.

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Last month’s winner: Congratulations Roger Corben of NSW for the correct answer of ‘Sandstone monolith’.

Jul 072015

This month the Star Trek coin program celebrates the 24th century adventures of Deep Space Nine. Fans will be delighted at the designs of the two silver proof coins featuring Captain Benjamin Sisko and the Deep Space 9 space station.

Stunning new silver releases reflect worldwide interest in the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The superb issues include a 2oz antiqued release featuring an embedded clock!

Outstanding high relief coins come aplenty with 2015 additions to the gold and silver Wedge-tailed Eagle series and the iconic Australian Kangaroo.

More famous native animals – a kookaburra, kangaroo and koala – are portrayed in colour on this year’s Australian Outback 1/2oz silver coin collection.

An addition to Sunburnt Country, another coloured Australian series, symbolises the Great Barrier Reef with the inscription “I love her jewel sea” from Dorothy Mackellar’s beloved poem, My Country.

July also marks the release of the fifth coins from the popular Disney Princess series. This month it’s the turn of Jasmine, the star of Alladin.

Finally, the 2015 0.5g gold Mini Koala makes an adorable gift or personal keepsake.