Jul 022013

Highlights from this month’s new coin bulletin include the highly anticipated Doctor Who 50th anniversary silver proof coin, the 2013 Australian Kangaroo high relief silver proof coin, the Australian Outback 1/2oz silver coin collection, and the Treasures of the World gold proof locket coin with garnet.

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Jun 042013

Discover Australia is back! Famed for its creative artistry, the 2013 silver coin series features spectacular new designs of Australia’s native fauna and natural landscapes.

These beautiful coins complement superbly the latest gold and silver issues from The Land Down Under, which this month chart James Cook’s famous voyage of discovery to Australia’s east coast in 1770.

June also sees the release of this year’s prestigious Australian Koala gold proof issue. In response to popular demand, it includes not just one, but two high relief coins featuring another magnificent depiction of our iconic koala.

Add to these the representation of winter on the latest addition to our Australian Seasons square coin series and the start of an exciting new sporting range for young collectors, and this month delivers another massive choice for collectors and gift buyers.

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Oct 022012

A beautiful new release this month is the Possum coin from our delightful Australian Bush Babies 1/2oz silver series. For young collectors, Animal Athletes leaps ahead with the long-jumping rocket frog release! It’s also traditional at this time of year to announce new Lunar coins featuring special treatments including colour and gilding.

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May 172012

The annual migration of the Monarch butterfly is one of the greatest natural phenomena in the insect world.

The brilliant orange and black butterfly is especially famous for its annual migration all the way from Canada to Mexico when it’s estimated to travel up to 425 kilometres a day – an amazing feat for such a fragile creature. Every year upwards of 300 million make the lengthy journey.

What’s truly astonishing, though, is how the butterflies know their precise destination, having never made the journey before!

During 2012, the latest Young Collectors series celebrates this and six other remarkable creatures.

An Australian legal tender gift program designed for parents and grandparent to give to their children, the series is a great way to introduce youngsters to the hobby of coin collecting.

May 012012

Marilyn Monroe™ is the subject of a special silver commemorative released this month, with the coin’s reverse design sure to captivate her fans.

The final coin in the Ships That Changed The World series celebrates the Cutty Sark. This wonderful vessel, reopened in April 2012, can still be seen at Greenwich, London in her restored glory.

For lovers of tradition, it is hard to ignore the 2012 Perth Mint Gold Proof Australian Sovereign. It might be that this prestigious release is that special gift you’ve been looking for?

Of keen interest to our young collectors will be the release of the next Animal Athletes coin featuring the incredible Monarch Butterfly – the migration of this butterfly is a natural wonder.

These are just some of the great new releases celebrated this month.

  • Marilyn Monroe™
    2012 1oz Silver Proof Coin
  • 2012 Perth Mint Proof Australian Sovereign
  • Ships That Changed The World – Cutty Sark
    2012 1oz Silver Proof Coin
  • Dragons of Legend – Chinese Dragon
    2012 1oz Silver Proof Coin
  • Australia Kookaburra
    2012 1oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin
  • Australia Koala
    2012 5oz Silver Proof Coin
  • Australia Koala
    2012 1oz Gilded Edition
  • Young Collectors – 2012 Animal Athletes
    Monarch Butterfly $1 Coin

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